Public question to Freja:

Q: Why Debian-based?
A: There is an overwhelmingly large number of software that can actually be used, and the operation is more stable than the Ubuntu/Mint series.

Q: Why MX-minimal based?
To save space on the installation ISO by omitting tools that are rarely used.
Use original MX if necessary.
XFCE is a lean, light and reliable DE. However, the design needed to be refined.

Q: Why did you choose the form of MX mutation?
There were also plans for a completely different OS early on in the project. I decided that the best and shortest route would be to simply improve the sanity of the "Castle of Sanity MX.''

Q: Why did you choose light video playback and unique audio effects?
As a "daily driver," many users are looking for an easy, authentic, and high-quality audio-visual experience.

Q: Why two black panels at the top and bottom? Why not the dock app?
This is what I call the "video black letterbox structure," and the one that best satisfies the requirements for "reliability of porting," "stability of operation," and "reliability of operation" is the "genuine XFCE panel."
There's a sense of security when a maximized window turns into a "black sandwich." I think it's a bit of an invention.
It has a safe design that is addictive, so please try it.

Q: Why did you choose a dark cyan theme color?
This is a bit of a reveal, but it is based on the color scheme of the "original version of Hatsune Miku." I used this as a reference as a color scheme that will be loved for a long time and never get tired of.

Q: What is your development intention?
I made this for when I'm tired and come home from a normal day's work, and I make a cup of coffee and relax. This is my "promised land".
Uncertain and unreliable, many realities that make us want to cover our eyes.
I really wanted a ”place of rest.''
And I wanted to offer it to the world.

Q: Lastly, what is the intention behind the logo design?
It uses the system standard font "serif", similar to the font of my favorite canned coffee brand "Asahi Morning Shot", and expresses MX with dots. This is a respect to the original MX. Produced with a touch reminiscent of the good old days rather than modernity.
Thanks for wallpaper author, video template author, 
programmer, engineer, music, icon set, 
debian Dev team, MX LINUX Dev team, 
and many many creator/artists.