MX LINUX 23 Freja Respin (Based MX23.3 "ahs")
[Unofficial Respin/Custom Flavor]
Install target is Intel Ultrabook.
Very minimum changing from original MX 23.3 ahs ISO,
The Freja's arrange of MX 23.3. Carefully reviewed software Licenses.
ISO is 2.46GB.

Changing Points:
Default Wallpaper: THE Jet darkmetal Rebuild.

Kernel, init, Wallpapers and Plymouth: MX23.3 as is.
Window Manager: Compiz and Emerald with All windows fading animation.
Lollypop and PulseEffects with Original Presets.
For Daily hobby use Panel design (Omit virtual display and Clipman).


Freja Respin news at MX Blog (MX News Week Ending June 8, 2024)

Freja Respin Support (you write any issues, will respond Freja)
These screenshots under development, maybe will changes without notice.